What Is Whatscan And How Does It Work?

Are you interested in using your WhatsApp account on multiple accounts or do you want to spy on anybody’s WhatsApp account? Then Whatscan is what will work for you. Let’s understand what whatscan is all about and how does it work.

What is Whatscan?

Whatscan is an application where one can utilize one WhatsApp account in numerous gadgets just by checking one’s QR code with another gadget. When connected with different gadgets one can get to the same WhatsApp account in two gadgets. Whatscan permits you to spy and check someone else’s WhatsApp application, to check the messages got and traded. Notwithstanding being illicit and shameless, yet for this guide, we will concentrate on the usefulness as given by the developer, it’s up to you whether to utilize it to keep an eye on others’ WhatsApp or as a framework to have your record on different gadgets.

How Whatscan Works?

Whatscan simply helps you in checking messages received from a WhatsApp account on any other mobile phone that you use. To do this it offers a framework that mimics the nearness of a fixed PC internet browser, so you can rapidly relate WhatsApp Web on that application, more or less brings WhatsApp Web on your phone.

How to Use Whatscan?

The affiliation can do it with your WhatsApp account or with a WhatsApp account of another client, regardless, the means to be completed are the equivalent. Here are the guidelines that you can take help from using Whatscan properly.

Step 1: Open the Whatscan application, in order to see the QR code show up.

Step 2: When you have the QR code, open the WhatsApp application on your phone.

Step 3: Tap the menu at the upper right of the fundamental screen.

Step 4: Open the WhatsApp Web section.

Step 5: The back camera will open, prepared to examine the obvious QR code from Whatscan.

Step 6: In the event that you as of now have a related Web WhatsApp for you, simply click on the + icon shown on the upper right corner to include another device or disassociate the current one by tapping on Disconnected from this PC.

Step 7: After Scanning, you will see WhatsApp Web chat show up on Whatscan,

This way you can easily access the same WhatsApp on two different devices. It will be a secret way to the sky on somebody’s WhatsApp chat as well as using your own WhatsApp on different devices. But keep it in your mind that spying on somebody’s chat is not legal and you should always avoid it.

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How to Download Whatscan?

On an iOS device, you will be able to download Whatscan easily from the official store but if you want to download the APK app from Aptoide and then you can easily add it to your phone.

There is also another way you can do it. You can install the alternative Aptoide store directly and retrieve the app from there.

What Are The Whatscan Alternatives?

There are also some apps that you can use as Whatscan alternatives. Here is the complete list that you can have a look at.

Whats Web

The WhatsApp web and desktop applications are an augmentation of your cell phone. They reflect all the discussions and messages you have on the WhatsApp application on your telephone and permits you to see them all and answer them all on your PC or Mac utilizing your PC’s console rather than the console on your cell phone.

WhatWeb Cloner

Using this Application you could clone your chat messenger on both phone and tablet simultaneously which makes chat messenger simple to use with just a single tick. In Addition, WhatWeb Cloner permits you to get to various devices for WhatsApp. This application can clean, reinforce got, and sent media by means of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web Scanner

This is the easiest application you can use to open the chat application on your phone. The application is very fast. You can use the QR code scanner to start automatic scanning any QR code that you want. With Direct chat, you can send messages to any number that is not even saved in your phone using your favorite messenger app.

Whatsrec For Whatsweb

This FREE application not just permits two records to be signed in all the while on one gadget, yet in addition permits one record to sign-in on the two gadgets at the equivalent time+ you can record your talk as a video.

Whats QR Scanner

Whats QR Scanner can scan and read all QR types including text, URL, ISBN, item, contact, schedule, email, area, Wi-Fi, and numerous different configurations. After sweep and programmed deciphering client is given just the significant choices for individual QR type and can make a suitable move. You can even utilize a QR Scanner to examine coupons/coupon codes to get limits and set aside some cash.


So, this was all about Whatscan, its working, and its alternative that you can easily use. Hope you find this article useful.

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