What To Do When Google Meet Stops Working?

Google Meets is also known as Google Hangout Meets. The app is helpful in connecting many people in the same virtual meeting. You can speak and share videos with your people, no matter at what place you are staying. The app requires internet access.

Basically, Google Meet is meant for businesses and other organizations that want to connect with their employees through virtual meetings. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic way to join your colleagues who is not working with you in the same building.

By using a Google Meet organizer, you can share everything that’s on your screen with all those whom you are talking to. There are also options for turning your own audio or video off anytime by any of the participants. Any who’s having a standard Google account can join and take part in the Google Meet meetings.

How You Can Join A Google Meet Call?

You can join a Google Meet meeting by utilizing a code that is made when the meeting organizer schedules the meeting.

Step 1: Open Google Meet and tap on Use a meeting code. There are chances that your phone suggests Enter a meeting code.

Step 2: Enter your code that’s provided by the meeting organizer.

Step 3: You are now in the meeting and talk with the participants.

How to Enable Grid View in Google Meet?

Prior, Google Meet lets you see just 4 members. In any case, things changed for good in April 2020, when Google acquainted help for up with 16 members on a single screen. Here how you can install and use the grid view in Google Meet.

Step 1: Add the Google Meet Grid View Extension in chrome.

Step 2: After adding you can see the extension icon of Google meet top in the toolbar of chrome.

Step 3: Open meet.google.com and join a meeting

Note: Never use the extension for an ongoing meeting, there are chances, it may not work.

Step 4: Now, click on the Grid view extension and check the box to enable the grid view in Google to meet.

How to Fix ‘Google Meet Grid View Not working’ Issue

There are chances that you might problems like the Google Meet Grid view is not working. In such a situation, you need not panic. There are multiple ways by which you can solve the issue. Here is the solution.

  1. Rejoin the Meeting

When you face such an issue, dismiss the meeting and try another one. You should also try refreshing the chrome.

  1. Restart Your PC

Before trying any other process just try restarting your PC. Reboot it and then try again to use the Grid view extension.

  1. Update Chrome

It might be possible that your google chrome needs an update. Try doing it and it might fix the issue for you.

  1. Use a new Grid View Extension

It may be possible that the Grid View extension is not a new one. If you face the problem, disable the older extension and install the new Google Meet Grid View Extension.

  1. Update the Extension

Like all the other extensions, grid view extension also gets updated on its own. But if you face the same issue you can try updating it manually.

  1. Reenable the Extension

One of the other methods is disabling the Grid view and then reenabling it in the browser. After you disable the extension, enable it by switching the toggle on at the bottom of the Google Meet Grid View extension box.

  1. Get the original Google Meet Grid View

This is one of the major fixes that you can use. If the New Google Meet Grid View extension is not working on your screen, you can install the old Google Meet Grid View extension. Sometimes this method results in ‘Duplicates’ error. If it happens, you can try another.

  1. Get a Different Google Chrome Profile

You may have created a different goggle chrome profile to make a difference between personal and official work. By adding a new user you can create a new user profile. You can easily switch between these profiles on chrome. You can use this option to check whether you are facing the Grid not working issue with all the profiles by trying to connect the meeting with a different profile.


These were the method that you can use to fix your problem whey out Google Meet Grid view doesn’t work. Any of the fixes will surely work for you. Just try and enjoy the meeting.

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