09 Best Xbox One Games For Kids

Raising a child in a competitive and technical world is very tough these days as the parents have to focus on various aspects. Children these days are more addicted to indoor games rather than playing outside. They like to play mobile games, PlayStation games, board games, etc.

Best Xbox One Games For Kids

In this article, we have come up with the best 9 games that are available on Xbox One and are developed especially for kids. The details are mentioned for each game that what they are going to teach your child and does it offer parent control or not and how much rating it has got. You should read the complete article to choose the best one for the child and help him increase his intellectual ability by playing these games.

1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

This game has an official rating of 10+ and is suitable for children above the age of 7. If you are a superhero fan, then this game is the right choice for you as it brings together all the superhero and bad guys from Marvel comic book universe, including favorites from the movies like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. This game is good because its a Lego one. The game has cartoon violence and the game has a totally different and original story from the movie.

But if you are a marvel movie fan, then surely you are going to fall in love with this game. This is an easy game to play even if as a parent you don’t know about the iron man and other characters. Letting your child play this game will benefit him as it teaches teamwork, doing the right thing, and improving the sense of humor even in bad times. It also increases hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and selective filtering of your child.

2. Roblox – 

This game is designed by Roblox Studios which is a game design program available on Mac and PC. It is one of the popular mobile games and it is very simple and easy to play as it has very short gaming sessions and extremely simple concepts. The game also enjoys a rating of 10+. This game has some in-game filters available for parents that help them to remove in-game chat and personal messaging and filters also apply in overcoming some features that parents that don’t like their child to play like gun violence and a variety of subtle undertones.

3. RiME

It is a quiet peaceful game but gets a little tragic towards the end. Actions, puzzles, and images are the pillars of the storyline and it is a safe game for your child to play as it gets a rating of 10+. This game helps your child to recognize symbols as the game is built keeping in mind in developing the intellectual capability of a child. For eg. If you want your character to jump then, you have to press a symbol”A”. It is a short game centered around exploration and admiring the beautiful vistas as you climb an ancient and mysterious tower. You can also play this game before letting your child try hands on it as you will know better what parts of the game are inappropriate for your child to play.

4. Rocket League

The game is bound by any age limit and is played on all current systems and even features cross-play between the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. If you are more than 10 years old and love action-packed games then you should surely play Rocket League as what can more be needed than Soccer with jet-powered cars! Since then the game is launched it has been a part of eSports and competitions are held yearly. This game also teaches your child teamwork and can also make a career out of it if they play this game well. The game allows the parents to test their skills against their gamer-in-training by couch co-op modes.

5. Minecraft

This is one of the best Xbox games available for kids. Despite gaming, this game acts as a great teaching tool from K-12 as Microsoft has launched a program called  Minecraft Education Edition. This program allows your child can learn collaboration, communication, critical thinking, systems thinking, and can even learn to code. Talking about the game, this is a fantasy violence game that has enemies in Minecraft, and through pickaxe, you have to get rid of them. These enemies are just black pixelated blobs and these are not particularly scary or frightening in any way. Parents can get easily involved as you can play on an occasion and create your own character. Parents can also search outside the game and teach their child how to sort fact from fiction on the internet.

6. Rayman Legends

This game is very good at graphics as it has very bright and colorful backgrounds. The game can be played by both parents and children as teaches them teamwork through various lessons and allows your child to learn new things as the new level appears. The game allows you to deal with frustrating moments in games and could be a great way to increase that dex score. This game requires a high dexterity score and the rating can apply to ability as well.

7. A Hat In Time

Playing this game is so much fun as it has various colors and allows your child to feel like an expert by developing his sense of humor. The game has great controls and a smooth camera, the two keys to a fun platformer, and your child will enjoy playing it due to a variety of levels available within the game. The game is good for parents as well and has gameplay mechanics featured in it. It enjoys a 10+ rating.

8. Fe

This game can teach your child a lot through its astonishing visuals and a powerful soundtrack. You can also play this game with your kid to utilize the co-pilot mode and both of you get a chance to solve puzzles together. You can also feel pride by creating teaching moments. As a parent, you need not fear any consequences if your child is not going in the right direction or on the right path. Also, it is a slow game and so you are not in a rush to jump from one level to another. Thus, it is a perfect game for kids.

9. de Blob 2 –

If you want your child to learn painting and coloring and that too with the medium of a video game then you should have de Blob 2. This game allows your child to paint the world with suitable colors and in the right order. The game also teaches your child to make new colors like brown, green, and orange by using the primary colors, and to keep your interest intact while mixing colors, there is music running in the background. There are also some prompts available that keep you on the right track and it also has a couch co-op mode that allows parents to compete with their child in coloring activity. Thus it is a very interesting, vibrant, and colorful game.


Different games develop different qualities in your child and we have also mentioned the games that offer parent control and the games in which you can even compete with your child. Try one and let us know your choice!!

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