How to Fix Xbox One Sync Button Not Working?

After a lot of uses, you might have seen that the Xbox one is showing some error. The console can experience some minor issues, including lethargic sprinkle screens and bombed refreshes, just as more genuine ones, including a perturbing crushing sound from the plate drive on the first Xbox One.

Why You Face Xbox One Sync Button Not Working?

One of the common issues that you may face the error Xbox One Sync button not working. The problem is not that bog and you can easily solve it on your own. You face the error in the middle of the game while you are playing. Suddenly your console stops working and you lose your game. And then, when you try to connect it again, the sync button just doesn’t work. The Xbox One Sync button not working issue can be because of many reasons. There might be some update issue or it might be possible that the battery of the device is dead. Whatever be the reason, you can easily solve the issues. Let’s get to know the fixes that will help you solve the Xbox One Sync button not working error. So, know the steps well.

 Steps to Be Followed To Fix Xbox One Sync Button Not Working

Below are some steps that will help you in solving the issue as your Xbox One Sync Button Not Working.

Re-Sync the Controller

If you see that the controller is disconnected from the console, all you need to do is just leave it for a while. After waiting a few minutes, you must try to re-connect the controller to the console. In many cases, this will help to connect both of them and you see that the syncing problem gets solved. So before trying any other method, you must give this method a try.

Check the Controller Status

If the reconnecting idea dint gets to work, you should try to check the controller status. If you see that the controller is carrying a solid white light that means it is still connected to the console. But if you see that none of your commands are being followed by the console, you must try restarting it and try again. Chances are there the controller will successfully sync with the console.

Check the Batteries

You can also check the batteries of the controller. If you see they are dead, just change the batteries and get new batteries and then try to sync both controller and console again and you see its working now. Make sure you don’t use any used batteries.

Hard Reset the Console

If none of the ideas are working, you must hard reset the Xbox console. To hard reset the console you have to hold the power button and a few seconds and wait till the console shuts down totally. Then, wait a few minutes and switch on the console and try connecting both the controller and console again. It might be possible that the device may start working.

Update the Controller

Now as you have reset the console and still not getting fixed the issue, you must try updating the controller to the new software and get the recent version of it. Updating the controller will help you to remove minor errors if there and you may see the problem is not solved and the devices start syncing.


All these methods will help you in solving Xbox One Sync Button Not Working issue. You can try then one by one to see the results.

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