How to Fix YouTube Not Working On Chrome?

Video is an inexorably well-known substance channel for advertisers, as a marked video highly affects shoppers’ buy dynamic. YouTube clients unmistakably esteem their capacity to give instructive recordings. Completely 86% of YouTube clients say that the site is very or to some degree imperative to them with regards to making sense of how to do things they haven’t done previously. All these facts make YouTube a very useful watchable platform.

What Causes YouTube Not Loading On Chrome?

Many times when you watch YouTube on Chrome, it doesn’t load properly. The issue arises due to various reasons like there might be some corrupted data in your web browser, the JavaScript might be disabled. A slow internet connection and much more. So, if you want to solve the problem, you have to have a look at these causes.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working On Google Chrome?

If you face problems like YouTube not loading in Chrome, you can fix it on your own with the help of some easy fixes. You can try the below mentioned the below-given fixes in order to solve the issue.

Restart Your Chrome

The very first step that you should take if you see YouTube not working in Chrome is that you must restart your chrome browser. To restart the chrome, you have to close all the chrome windows. You can also force quit the chrome in order to close the chrome completely.

Check Your Internet Connection

You should also check your internet connection in order to see if everything working well with the network server. There might be chances that there might be some internet connection problem that is preventing YouTube to load on Chrome.

Clear Cache and Cookies

If restarting chrome doesn’t work out, you should clear the cache and cookies to get rid of the corrupted data in the browser. Clearing the corrupted files will help you in solving YouTube not loading in chrome problem.

Try Incognito Mode

If you find that YouTube is not working correctly in chrome, you can try opening the YouTube in incognito mode. Using the incognito mode will help you to prevent the extensions that are interfering with the chrome browser in loading YouTube.

Reset Chrome

To solve the problem, you can also reset the chrome completely and see of the problem has solved. To rest the Chrome you have to move to the advanced setting of chrome and restore the setting to default. By resetting the chrome, you may see some changes to chrome.

Reinstall Chrome

If using all the above tricks the YouTube is not working on chrome, you can just uninstall the browser and reinstall the chrome again. This may sometime work and your wilt heat problem has been resolved.

Reboot Your Modem

The next step you can take to solve the issue is that you can reboot the modem you are using for internet connection. To reboot the modem, you can unplug it from the power source and plug it back after waiting for some time.

Enable JavaScript

One of the main reasons for YouTube not loading on chrome can be that JavaScript might be disabled. You have to enable it again to enable the video playback.

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