How to Play Kahoot on Zoom?

You can create fun learning games in minutes that are called ‘kahoots’. You can set the format and number of questions in the game. Also, you will be able to add videos, images, and diagrams to your questions to intensify engagement. Kahoot! is an extraordinary game to play with companions, family, understudies, even corporates since the questions can be totally modified relying upon the situation. You can play them on Zoom and Google meet also. See the method below.

Prerequisite to Play Kahoot Online

  1. Before you start playing Kahoot on Zoom or Google Meet, you must install the Google Meet Grid View extension while you are using chrome. With this, you can see a thumbnail for each player who you invite.
  2. You should call the other applications that are running on your system. There must be only two tabs, one for Kahoot and one for Google Meet or Zoom.
  3. You must tell the participants to install and open Zoom or Google Meet before you start the game.
  4. Payers can either visit the browser or go to the Kahoot player website or can download the Kahoot app for both Android and iOS.
  5. All the players must carry their own controller so that they can easily view the game question and the answers.

Procedure to Create Kahoot

Creating Kahoot is very easy and less time-consuming. If you face any issue, read the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the Kahoot website.

Step 2: Get a free account on the website and get started.

Step 3: Type your own question and add four multiple choices. You can also change the question type and limit for them.

Step 4: Mark the right answer.

Step 5: If your question is ready, tap on Done.

Edit the Already Existing Kahoot

If you did want to create a new Kahoot for next game, you can also edit the one that is already there in the default list of the premade games.

Step 1: Go to the list of premade games by tapping on the Discover Tab.

Step 2: Choose the genre you like and select the Kahoot that you want to play.

Step 3: Or if you want to change it, customize the same.

Step 4: After selecting Kahoot tap on the three dots shown there.

Step 5: And, tap on the Duplicate option.

Step 6: Now, customize it as you want.

How to Play Kahoot on Zoom and Google Meet?

Now as your game is ready, you can now load the game and invite the players. As a host when you are all dome with creating the game do the following.

Step 1: Click on Play to start the game.

Step 2: Create a meeting and invite the players.

Note: You have to make it clear that every layer has access to Kahoot either by website or app.

Step 3: As everyone joins you, Share your screen to all.

Note: If you are playing on Zoom tap on Share Screen from the bottom panel and choose the browser. And, if playing on Google Meet tap on Present now to share your screen.

Step 4: Next, on Kahoot game page choose Classis. This way all the players can input their questions.

Step 5: A PIN will be generated. All players need to Enter a PIN at the bottom panel and enter the Pin.

Step 6: The players’ name will be shown to you as they join.

Step 7: When all players are there, click on Start.

Step 8: Read the Question shown on the screen.

Step 9: All the players will see the question.

Step 10: There will be four buttons to choose from multiple choice answers.

Step 11: Players will tap the button as per their answer.

Note: Every question has a time limit. Every player must choose the answers before the time is up. After the time limit overs, the screen will show the right answer.

Kahoot Scores

Each Kahoot question you create carries 1000 points and the points are decided as per the time taken to get the answer. If a player answer within two seconds, the 1000 points are all theirs. The longer time you take, the lesser will be the points.

Hope you loved playing Kahoot! Try it with your friends and family and enjoy the time.

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